Wednesday, 28 April 2010

West End Alert: Sister Act to close in London?

A few weeks ago I posted the following blog:
"As I was lerking around Twitter today I came across some suprising rumours... Sister Act the musical looks like it might close! (insert dramatic chords here)

However shocked I am it all seems to make sense... According to my inside theatre people, the London Palladium is set to house the new West End production of "The Wizard of Oz" (with the Dorothy that Andrew Lloyd Webber has been searching for) and Sister Act is rumoured to be going on a UK tour.

Complete bad times! The show has been open for roughly a year, not long enough at all in my opinion. However "Oz" isn't set to open until Spring 2011. Does that mean we might have Sister Act playing atleast until the end of the year?

Meh, that's showbiz. Remember, you heard it here first!"

Now it seems it's all true! (insert more dramatic chords here)

The show is to close 1st Jan 2011 and from the 31st May 2010 Simon Webbe (from boyband "Blue" fame) will be joining the cast as Curtis Shank.

In it's place at the London Palladium, "The Wizard of Oz" will commence it's run from 29th March 2011...

So, get your tickets for both shows before the Sister's make way for Dorothy!

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