Sunday, 11 April 2010

Double Denim

We all have a pair of jeans in our wardrobe, some of us might even have a denim jacket left over from the 80’s, but now it’s time to go all out with those jeans and jackets as the double denim look comes full circle for the Spring / Summer 2010 Season.

Not so long ago I found myself searching for my gag reflex at the thought of wearing double denim - it was possibly the worst fashion mishap I could endure, however, on the weekend I went out brought three outfits based on the double denim look... Yes, three outfits! After examining the trends of this season, it seems that the fashion houses are including the clean cut look into the double denim look with fitted shirts and fitted jeans. I must say, I am now a double denim addict.

So, I find myself asking “why”? Why denim? Why the colour? Why is it making a comeback? Well, the array of blue colours are perfect for the Sp/Su season giving off a more gentle aura than the browns of the military look, perfect for basking in the sun on the weekend. The dark and light blues are perfectly blended with the bright colours seen on the catwalks, making it a style to make you stand out from the crowd. If dressed properly, the DD look will also give you that vintage edge which is becoming more and more popular in today's society.

Who’s making us wear this style? All the major fashion houses had the DD look going on, mainly the Ralph Lauren and D&G collections, making it practically inescapable. Now, it has flooded down to the upper high street stores, namely French Connection and (even more prominently) Firetrap. Even the traditional British fashion lines (such as Ted Baker and Vivienne Westwood) have found themselves with some timeless denim pieces. And as for celebrities, everyone from David Beckham to Kanye West have been papped sporting jeans and denim shirts. Mr West has even been seen going for the triple denim look...

Now, it’s easy to make a mistake with this image: making you look more of an 80’s rock band reject than style icon. It’s important to stay away from black and dark colours (unless of course, you are an 80’s rock band reject). Use different shades of denim (of course, darker tones on the bottom and lighter tones on the top to make the most of your figure) and mix with bright colour t shirts and accessories.

My favourite summer look costs a total of £155 and includes pieces that can be mixed and matched with other styles.
A bright t shirt is needed for any Sp/Su look. This fitted “rocket red” piece from the DKNY Jeans collection is perfect for this summer. The picture really doesn’t do it justice, the real item has a much richer tone to it and looks amazing teamed up with the jean shorts.

Now, a piece I fell in love with. This (once again following the clean cut trend) fitted denim shirt is a perfect item to throw on during those summer evenings. Wear with the sleeves half rolled up and one button fastened (or completely open if you wish) to give a casual sense to the outfit. Go for the stone wash rather than the indigo colour for this outfit.


As already mentioned on the blog, these Ted Baker shorts just scream “fashion” to me.

With the darker tones, they’re perfect to team up with a brighter coloured t shirt and a lighter denim jacket. Mix with a pair of white plimsolls and white aviator sunglasses and you’re set to stun in the summer weather. Why not try wearing the top half with jeans and military boots for a casual evening look?

This look can include just the t shirt and shorts, or can include mixed and matched elements: it’s your personal style that will make any outfit dazzle. But, the number one rule for double denim? Make sure you get it right for your body type, there’s nothing worse than seeing an oversized middle aged bloke trying to pull off the look above.

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