Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Broadway Openings

The past few days have saw the opening of two completely different musicals on Broadway. The first: a clasic revival, the second: a brand new rock musical. However different they appear to be, they have one thing in common: rave reviews. The two shows I'm talking about are "La Cage Aux Folles" and Green Day's "American Idiot" (respectively).

La Cage follows the story of Georges and Albin - who happen to work at a drag nightclub. George's son is ready to marry but first his fiancee's parents must meet George and Albin. Think "Meet the Fockers" and you've got the picture. This current production is a transfer from the West End and stars Kelsey Grammer as Georges
Douglas Hodge as Albin/Zaza. The show opened April 18th and has been getting some amazing reviews, including the all important New York Times review. The New York Times states “THIS VERSION OF LA CAGE TRIUMPHS!” (What more could a Broadway show ask for?)

As for American Idiot, the musical is based on the songs from the Green Day album (think Mamma Mia / We Will Rock You style). The show premiered at the Berkley Rep in 2009 before transferring to the St James Theatre on Broadway and opening April 20th. The musical follows Johnny, Will and Tunny going through the struggles of teenage life, throw is pregnancy and drugs scandals and you've got the picture. And what did the NY Times think of the show? Well, the title of the review sums it all up "Stomping Onto Broadway With a Punk Temper Tantrum". (Read the full review here:

So, we gave Broadway La Cage, could Broadway be kind enough to lend American Idiot to the West End?

Each show is sparkling in it's own right, (La Cage has enough sparkles for all of Broadway,) and with Tony season just around the corner, who knows what could happen?

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