Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Summer Style starts to sweet stores...

Just as we've finally managed to get our spring outfits to perfectly match and coordinate with the weather, the shops decide to pull out the new summer collections. Thankfully, it's pretty much a smooth transition from the spring style, merged with hints from the last year's summer collections. We are seeing the return of the polo t shirt, mixed with coloured shorts to inject some "summer-ness" into your style. Trainers are out, boots are in. Sloppiness should be a thing of the past as your turn your look from casual to dapper, simply by changing a certain t shirt, you can turn your Spring look into a Summer style setter.


Number 1: A Summer Polo

A light toned polo shirt is a must, but this season they're becoming more fitted and less casual. Ted Baker has some great t shirts available (I especially like the button details on the collar).

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(Remember to use lighter tones on top to avoid looking top heavy).

Number 2: Nautical Shorts

It’s hot, therefore we need shorts! Gone are the combat shorts, it’s all about looking smart! What’s a better way to look dapper than taking the style designs from navy personal? Light tones, or crystal white seem to be popular among the fashion houses this season. Go for yellows, light blues and (for the brave!) light pinks to create a clean cut yet casual vibe. Lacoste are big on the nautical shorts this season.

Number 3: Boots

Trainers are a no no, plimsolls are boring, shoes are too much. Therefore, it’s time to invest in a good pair of boots. Don’t bodge the cost and get a cheap(er) pair. INVEST! Go for trusted brands like Timberland. Not only can you wear them with shorts in the daytime, they will transition perfectly into in the double denim look of the spring for a night out, and they’re sure to carry on looking hot during the autumn / winter season.

So, with that in mind: get shopping! Get the style before your friends and colleagues do because before you know, you’ll be giving your wardrobe a spring clean for the autumn / winter season.

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