Thursday, 22 April 2010

Being Inventive With Fashion...

Ever had a day when you've nothing to wear (even though you have clothes literally falling out of your wardrobe?) Ever had a day when you just can't find the right item to make an outfit complete? Well fear not! Fashion is all about being inventive and creative, not just wearing what the shops tell us to!

People have been customising clothes for years, from tearing up shirts to using laces as hair bobbles - anything is possible. So you might not have a sewing machine but there's nothing stopping you from thinking outside of the box when it comes to dressing in the morning.

For example, the other day I was going out for a casual meal and had the perfect look. I was going for the casual nerd look, jeans, plimpsolls, a nice shirt and those fake glasses yet I could not find the right tie in my wardrobe... I wanted a skinny tie but couldn't find one in the right shade of blue I wanted. Black wouldn't go, white was boring... What could I do? I decide to look through my drawers and come across my old school tie; it was the perfect shade of blue. But surely I couldn't go out with my SCHOOL tie on? And besides, it wasn't even a skinny tie... And then I had a (genius) idea. Why not do my tie the other way round so the bit I usually took into the shirt is on the outside and the thick clumpy bit is on the inside? I did it... And yes, it looked amazing!

Another (and basic) idea I had was when I discovered my cut off jean shorts were in the wash and I NEEDED them to complete my summer look... It was too hot to wear jeans and I had worn all my other shorts a million times. And then it hit me, all that they are are jeans cut short and then turned up a little to make a "turn up". Why couldn't I do something like this? I found some jeans but I was not prepared to cut up my French Connection jeans. So instead I roll them up and make a more clumpier turn up. After sticking on a pair of plimsolls and the matching t shirt I was ready to go. (On a side note, it started to rain later that day and fortunately for me I could role them down again to keep me warm...)

Possibly my favourite idea I've had yet is when I was in desperate need of a tank jumper. I threw them all away when they started to die down last season, but I wanted to resurrect the preppy look for a nice summer afternoon. Therefore I found an old jumper and not being brave enough to cut off the sleeves on my own, I took them round my friend's house (who happens to live round the corner and used to study fashion) and got her to cut off the sleeves and tidy up the tear with a few minutes on the sewing machine.

These are just the few basic ideas... There are loads of ideal opportunities for everyone to be inventive when deciding what to wear in the morning.

Do you have any stories to tell about customising your outfits? Make sure to leave a comment about them!

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  1. Hey :)
    These are some really good ideas!
    Ive got one...
    If youve got some hair ribbons, you can use them tied in bows around your wrists along with pearl/charm style accessories to create a really nice vintage look =)
    Pastel coloured ribbons tend to look better with this kind of thing...