Saturday, 3 July 2010

Beat the Sales.

The summer sales are now well underway with top high street stores offering up to 75% off on some of last season’s styles. Some of the biggest stores are literally giving clothes away, but part of me thinks; if no one wanted these clothes before and during the season, who would want them now? But let me tell you, the sales are a perfect chance to buy staple clothes for any wardrobe. Going away this summer? You can buy some shorts for half price from French Connection. Even though they might be from last season, you’ll still look stylish sitting around a scorching pool in the South of France.

Of course, there’s always the chance to shop ahead for upcoming seasons. Last year I brought an Armani coat with a price tag with £100 off. I knew that style of coat was style going to be in fashion next season and that I would be stupid to miss the opportunity. You can also buy (relatively cheaper) clothes you can customise without the fear of going wrong and messing up an expensive garment. Add materials, take in hems, tear off sleeves etc without worrying of wasting all that money.

Garments such as suits and shirts never go out of fashion and if you shop around you can buy some classic pieces with amazing discounts. Selfridges has (well, had) a numerous array of luxury designer shirts with prices starting from around £50 for a Hugo Boss shirt. The same goes for dress shoes. I bagged a pair of Kurt Geiger’s for an amazing price. And of course, for the ladies, classic shoes and evening gowns are meant to last forever so why not save a fortune and buy them in the sale? It’s pretty logical to shop in a sale.

However, let’s face it. Not all of us have a qualification in “shopping the sales”. A few lifesaving tips are listed below:

- Make sure you get in fast to get the best pieces.
- Shop online to avoid the mad hustle of the store.
- Know the seasons, really, ponchos aren’t making a comeback anytime soon so don’t get one.
- Know if you’re actually getting a good bargain.
- Know what you have already so you’re not just buying repeat items.
- Know what you’re looking for.
- Make sure you’re buying for a reason, not just “because it’s a sale”.
- Have fun... Sales are gifts from heaven.