About "The City Dream"

The City Dream was a blog created in Spring 2010 to turn my general ramblings into something that people (hopefully) find interesting. I wasn't too sure what I wanted to blog about, but living, working, socialising and shopping in the heart of Birmingham I knew that it had to be something centered around that. I also have a huge passion for anything artistic: art, theatre, dance, fashion, culture, literature... The list goes on.

Within the first few weeks of starting up the blog, I reviewed fashion lines, reported on the latest theatre gossip and general rambled on about what was happening in my city life. The blog started to get some recognition: it was feautred on the DKNY JEANS Facebook page and was tweeted about by people in the theatre and fashion worlds.

Summer 2010 came and went, with more blog posts and the buzz generally building. However, I decided to put it to rest as I had other priorities in life.

Now, Spring 2011 comes and an opportunity for me to write for the Birmingham Hippodrome comes up, so I decide to bring The City Dream back to life to feature my writing for them on here and on their social networks / press releases.

The future looks good: lots of exciting events to blog about, lots of news and lots of fun!

Spread the word: The City Dream is alive!