Tuesday, 30 March 2010

D&G Men Spring / Summer 2010 Collection: My thoughts.

Instantly logging onto the D&G Store website you see the words "Spring Summer 2010, Summer Tailored Mood". This tagline really sums up the new D&G collection as many of the catwalk outfits feature the suit and blazer look. After checking out the latest styles of D&G the main look I seem to be getting is the "stylish preppy with a tailored attitude". Blazer jackets, waistcoats and straight cut jeans seem to play a big role in this collection. The featured colours of this new collection are browns and pastel blues, completely contrasting with last year's rainbow colours.

The new collection definately feautres some staple wardrobe items, such as this "virgin wool stripped waistcaot":

http://store.dolcegabbana.com/item/store/DG/tskay/436A8784/rr/1/cod10/49113011NM/areaid//sts/ .

A definate investment buy as it features that all important tailored look yet has an aura of relaxment about it. This stylish piece can be worn for any occassion (that is, of course, if you dress it properly). Neatly matched with a shirt and straight cut trousers it can be the perfect look for the office, or if desired, dress down with a pair of dark toned jeans for an image ready for a casual night out with the mates.

The 2009 "Grandad" look still looks as stylish as ever, however, appearing in a more conformed style rather than the relaxed 60's look from last Summer. Knitwear plays a vital part in any man's wardrobe, giving off the more gentleman rather than caveman image. Branching off from the tailored image, D&G have created this 2 in 1 number:


This piece can be worn by the larger male for a more casual outfit, however, still smart enough for the office. Although the piece is moving towards the tailored image of the new collection, I'd not bother in splashing the cash on an image that can be pulled off using items from last year's wardrobe.

It appears to be that the tailored look is best accesorised using eyewear. Many models seen in the Spring / Summer 2010 collection are decked out in the latest D&G glasses.

Sunglasses are a must for any stylish gent's wardrobe as they give off a confident and mysterious image (and sunglasses take many years to go out of style). Even when you find yourself not wanting to wear them anymore, they're sure to come back in style in 20 years or so. (Last Summer I found myself wearing Ray Ban's from the 80's). Some of my favourite sunglasses in the new D&G collection include the more earthy toned style.

These shaded lenses give off style and confidence and will look good against any sun kissed skin in the late summer evenings.

On a side note, practical glasses seem to be edging into the smart cut image as well: with eyewear taking a more rectangular shape able to portray the perfect cut gent.

Gone are the days of chunky glasses lenses, along with the days of bright colours. This season's colours are the more earthly browns and the sky blues. In the new D&G collection it's all about smart, tailored and fitting clothes giving off the aura of a man who takes pride in his appearance. With this fashion line you're sure to have heads turning in the office and out of the office with the smart looks.

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