Sunday, 28 March 2010

DKNY Jeans - Spring / Summer 2010 Collection.

As a young male spending much time in the city, it's hard to escape the fashion life. (Plus I'd never be seen out looking a mess!) Now, I'm not one to go around in the haute couture fashions (all the time!), when I shop I look for classic yet contemporary, vintage yet modern and something with a twist. Recently I ventured into the DKNY Jeans store and had a browse at the new Spring / Summer collection and picked up some amazing pieces.

I've not always been a fan of DKNY, however, in recent times I've started to take turn to them. DKNY Jeans is the more affordable branch of Donna Karen New York, with purchases starting from about £50 for a t shirt. Dubbed as the "New York State of Mind" I enjoy their urban vibe yet still classic look. Not too Lady GaGa fashion, yet not too boring I've started to mix and match their collections.

According to the website: "The New York mindset: it's a sensibility, an attitude. Whether you're a New Yorker by birth or desire, the spirit of that city runs through your veins: raw ambition, energy, and courage with a streak of rebellion." This gives the fashionista much choice in what they want their look to be.

Now, the new collection appears to feautre a lot of demin and hints towards this seasons military look. A prime example of their New York inspired and fashion trend style can be seen in their use of military garments. Not too soldier-y, yet not too boring I'm definately enjoying their jackets and shirts in this collection. A personal favourite is thier "Short Sleeve Patch Shirt", (, the lapels and breast label create the military feel with an almost pastel colour giving it a Spring atmosphere. However, I do have a shirt almost the same as this in my wardrobe from about two seasons ago from one of the Armani Exchange collections - this is a prime example of the "recycling" of trends.

One of my favourite items is their "Slim Fit Jean, Rinse Wash" ( . It appears that the short jean style is making a come back in much darker tones this season. This is definately a staple for any wardrobe as we move into the Summer months.

Now, one thing I'm not too keen on, not just in the DKNY Jeans collections but in pretty much every other designer's collections is the graphic - print style t shirts. They never seem to suit me and I'd rather have a plain(ish) t shirt that I can dress up with accesories. (A typical example of my "classic style" buying).

Another note to make is that the "layering" style of last year has definately started to take a decline with DKNY Jean's collection with outfits appearing much simpler and less textured with much more detail in one colour than a mixture.

As my first fashion blog comes to a close I'll leave you with a tip: remeber, mix your wardrobe with staple items from top brand designers and dress them up with off the rail accesories from the cheaper high street stores.

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