Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Start Up

So, today is the 28th March 2010 and I suddenly decide to start blogging. I ask myself "why?" and suddenly find my head spinning round in circles with a million different reasons. The first reason is: a hobby - which is great. The second reasion: for fun - just as great. The final reason: the spread my interests with everyone else on the world wide web and to see where it takes me... You never know these days, the internet's wonderful!

I then find myself wondering what I should blog about, I then realise that my life often evolves spending a lot of time in an amazing city in the UK - Birmingham. I find that my life evolves around the art, the dining, the music, the shopping, the fashion, the theatre, the culture and everything else to do with it! On a personal note, my favourite things in life are male fashion, the theatre and art and so, that is what I shall be blogging about.

All I need to do now is get some followers! So, spread the word of what is sure to be an amazing (or an epic fail!) blog.

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