Monday, 29 March 2010

The Trench Coat

We see them in almost every shop, whether it's a high street store like Topman or a more luxury store like Burberry but wherever we look, we can't escape them... It's the single must have of every male (and female) wardrobe: The Trench Coat.

Time for a history lesson: originally made for practical reasons during the First World War, the trench coat was designed by Burberry for the use of Officers in World War I, over the time it was adapted to suit the needs of World War II and was soon seen in other countries. Since 1901 (when the design was first submitted) it has evolved into one of Burberry's iconic designs and has been developed by pretty much every other fashion designer in the world (atleast in the UK and New York).

After browsing trench coats from Daks to Jaeger, Topman to Burberry and Asda to H&M my personal favourites are in the lighter colours, however, they work just as good in the blacks and navy's. As we move into Spring it's advisable for a more of a "jacket" than a "coat", a perfect example of a navy jacket trench coat can be grabbed from Topman for £60 and is sure to keep you going for the next three or more seasons. ( Perfect for anyone looking for style but an affordable price tag and any male of any size. Definately for the casual look, dress it up with a pair of dark (but not black) jeans and smart black shoes you're ready to hit the swankiest bar in the city (plus it's perfect to wear to work over the usual office attire.)

Now, for those wanting to splash the cash you simply MUST have an iconic Burberry trench coat in their lighter colours, the creams work well to inject a bright atmosphere into those Autumn 2010 styles. For a price of £1659 you can grab yourself this magnificent number: . With minimal buttons, large pockets and cream leather this coat really gives off the "relaxed yet perky, stylish yet classy" look. However, not for the larger male as the belt will make that beer gut more revealing. Dress it with some Italian styled leather shoes and darker (try to stay away from black, keep to rich tones of brown) trousers this look will definately have heads turning as you grab your morning coffee for work.

These are just two of the coats that are out there, quickly walking Armani Exchange last weekend I noticed they were appearing in those windows. Topman always have an array of the jacket styles and Selfridges is always a good place to look (they have an affordable hight street section and an upper market design section).

Now, if you haven't got one already I suggest you hurry quickly to the nearest high street. You can easily nab one from GAP for £70 or for £60 from H&M. Not only is the "military" style becoming hot this season, your trench coat is sure to remain in your wardrobe for a long time as it provides a classic smart - yet modern look for any respectable gent living and/or working in the city. After testing and trying many trench coats I'd suggest going for one of the upper high street price ranged ones from designs such as Firetrap and Ted Baker, not only will you have it for the rest of your life (a good investment), the performance quality is much better than one grabbed off the rails at Asda, and the style / cut / material / overall look tends to be better when you splash the cash.

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