Sunday, 30 May 2010

West End News

The past few weeks have seen the London theatre scene buzzing with excitement: Danielle Hope is to be Andrew Lloyd Webber's new leading lady, Sister Act sees a cast change, Lee Meed joins Wicked and of course, Hair had it's closing notice.

It's a full range of emotions.

Let me tell you, Danielle Hope was definately the right decision for Dorothy, she had the charm, charisma and passion whilst the others seemed to lack the acting skills needed for such an iconic role - that is to say the other potential Dotties won't go on to great and wonderful things. For a start, many of them have been auditioning for shows and drama schools.

Sister Act had it's cast change which bids farewell to the great performers but I'm sure it welcomes some wonderful replacements... Shame it's set to close before the of the year.

In a similar fashion Lee Mead recently joined Wicked as Fiyero, replacing Lewis Bradley who was temporarily acting in the role whilst Lee finished other projects, Lewis has returne to his understudy position. Funny how they were both finialists on "Any Dream Will Do" and Lee won? Ironic? What's even more ironic is the fact that Rachel Tucker (the new Elphaba) was also a finalist on Webber TV talent search... It seems that's the only way to get into the industry these days.

And of course, the hippy musical Hair recieved it's closing notice recently. We say goodbye to the show on Sept 9th. Shame. Where else do you see naked hippies in London?

And there we have it... Highs, lows and the domination of Andrew Lloyd Webber in the West End...

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