Sunday, 23 May 2010

Top Summer Beauty Tips for Lads and Lasses

We all know how the weather can play havoc on our skin, especially when you're trying to catch a tan so I've compiled a list of my top tips for summer skin...

1) Not a fan of sun tan lotion on your face? I for one hate the greasey texture it leaves behind, therefore, I use a moisturiser with built in SPF. My favourite ones are "Asda skinsystem: face" with an SPF 8 and "Boots Botanics Active Plant Extracts" with SPF 12. The latter is part of a general male skin care set that includes face wash and shaving gel. The moisturiser keeps your skin protected and hydrated during those long summer evenings.

2) Caught the sun but not a fan of those icky aftersun lotions? Use cocoa butter. It hydrates your skin taking away the redness, it smells so much better and they often have natural ingrediants. Plus it can be used as a general skin care product.

3) We've all spent fortunes on spot products over the years and we all know hardly any of them work. I've started to use TCP, yes, that's right, TCP. It works as an antiseptic and literally burns you spot away. Use sparingly and a couple times a week to get rid of those major spots. (Take precautions and read the label for this one!)

And there you have it. My top tips for lads and lasses for perfect summer skin.

What are your rituals? Are you a fan of the aftersun lotion or do you prefer cocoa butter? Leave a comment to share your tips!

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