Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Can socks and sandals work?

It's been known for many years that socks with sandals are the worst fashion crime ever... The thought of seeing a cotton covered foot strolling round in an open shoe makes me gag.

However, surely there's a way to make this style work? Some of the worst fashion crisis's have been turned on their heads, (Cheryl Cole has us all loving the chav-tastic braids a few years back, right?) So can we make this one of them?

It's my mission over the summer to find a way to make this look work!

Get in touch if you think there's a way to make socks and sandals work.


  1. I am not a fan of socks with sandals, i think it is something that older people might like but defently not for the young folks :D

  2. Hmmm looks suspiciously familiar to my post....

  3. Tiana, you've inspired me to create a challenge...

    Sophie! Love it, lmao.

  4. i installed a follow button now so you can follow me :)