Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Gucci Men - PreFall 2010 Collection.

Summer has gone (well at least in the fashion industry) and designers are starting to advertise their Fall collection and Gucci is no exception. Laced with rich browns and chocolate tones, the collection features similar style features from the Spring 2010 collection.

Let's start with every Fall essential: the coat. Gucci is following the military style and features some luxury trench coats in rich tones and exotic textures. With coats ranging from cotton to leather, block colours to animal prints, Gucci really has a coat for every Fall occasion.

Staying with the clean cut style we can already see, Gucci has suits and jackets that are made to fit the body like a glove. No more loose fitting tops, it's all about slim fit and smart shirts. It's time to invest in a new shirt collection.

Gucci's trousers are also taking a turn in the upwards direction. Trousers are starting to get shorter, not necessarily ankle grabbers, but they're getting shorter and being teamed up with boots so they fall just below the ankle.

Heavily featured in the PreFall collection are reptile prints. We see crocodile, snake and lizard patterns on shoes, coats and even incorporated in ties. . . Not good for someone like me who has a phobia of reptiles. Great. Dark colours are also in; Gucci models have been flaunting chocolate brown over layers with navy blue under-items - something not seen so often.

The Gucci PreFall collection really does seem to going outside the box whilst staying in line with the rules of the Spring 2010 collection.

View the collection here...

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  1. wow this is amazing. i love the military style too :D and i get what your saying about the reptile designs on clothing now (N) because i dislike them too (scaryyy) :L, overall i loved it :D, maryam.