Thursday, 10 June 2010

Summer Trends: Jack Ups?

Jack ups, ankle draggers, ankle clingers, tramp pants, ankle swingers, whatever you call them, trousers that are too short for you will get you bullied. But is that the case this summer? Summer 2010 will see ankles being flashed by stylish men and women alike. Does this mean that this summer it's time to dig out old trousers too short for us? Well, not strictly, it's more about the "turn up" than the "jack up"; there's a fine line between looking trendy or trampy.

Fashionable brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Topman and Armani Exchange have all had models sporting a classic white trouser (or jean) with the bottoms turned up... It's all about showing a bit of ankle (NO SOCKS) and then a nice clean cut shoe, (it's all about the clean white plimsolls or deck shoes).

How to wear it:

For the white dress / linen trousers, it's all about wearing a white plimsoll with minimal detail, turn up the ankles of the trousers a few times creating a textured ruffle, about 2cm should do the trick but it all depends on individual height. A clean, tanned ankle looks best against the bright white background. For the more fashionable and daring look, use blue and white as the main colours and wear classic blue deck shoes (Office and Schuh are the best places to find these).

Top Picks:
Armani Exchange Linen Pant

Tommy Hilfiger Madison Pant

For the jean turn ups it's important to remember that this should only be done in casual situations. A slim leg raw look works best, but it all depends on individual shape. Inspired from the DKNY Jeans' urban feel, this trend is very "now" and very "young".

Diesel (at House of Fraser) has got the trend right with these Krooley Slim Leg Jeans
. Larger trainers make the image more urban and add a city vibe to the overall style. Wear the jeans witha turn up, showing no ankle, but a nice clean (and chunky) turn.

There we have it, the fashionable way to wear jack ups... Just be careful not to wear your childhood ankle swingers.

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