Sunday, 6 June 2010

Get the look: Simple Summer

Summer is all about looking stylish but making sure you feel comfortable. What's worse than spending a relaxing evening with a chilled beer and starting to feel the sweat cling to your clothes? Eurgh. No thanks. That's why I've compiled some great summer clothes to create the Simple Summer Look.

The Bottom
It's summer, which means it's shorts. This season sees the carry on from the spring with the denim shorts however, it's important to keep the "turn up" style of the summer. Thankfully Topman have come to the rescue and have brought us these lovely garments:

Topman's Denim Shorts.

For a small sum of £30, you can be rocking the look.

The Top:
For the top, polo's are always in style. But we want to stay away from those cotton / polyester mixes. For one, they're terrible quality and for two, do you want sun cream and sweat to be seeping out of it and sticking to your body? No? Neither do I. Thankfully, SoulCal (at Republic) have this lovely Grandad Tee, perfect at a price of £5.99 and it comes in their "2 for £10" offer.

Now, we've kept the main body simple and stylish so we need to accessorize accordingly.

For shoes, stick to some simple plain white plimsolls.
And for when you start to feel a bit chilled, throw on this Crafted scarf to add some texture to the outfit.

(Crafted Scarf at Republic.)

And there we have it. A Simple Summer look, nice on the wallet and nice on the eye.

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