Tuesday, 24 January 2012

What's happened to this blog...

So I started this little blog a year or so ago just to see what happened and (by some crazy chance) it seems to be going well. I started blogging about my random experiences and thoughts and from there ended up writing for the Birmingham Hippodrome as one of their First Night Bloggers. After that I was approached by the people at I Am Birmingham (big cheer for my hometown) who have asked me to join the team reviewing and attending various events, shows and performances in Birmingham. And then I was approached by M. Magazine to do some writing for them, so it seems to have gone rather well. (I'm sure my GCSE English teacher would be rather proud of me...)

Anyway, lots of links below where you can see my ramblings. Enjoy.

My blog: This blog...
Birmingham Hippodrome First Night: Birmingham Hippodrome First Night
I Am Birmimgham: I Am Birmingham
I Am Birmingham Blog: I Am Birmingham Blog
M. Magazine: M. Magazine

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