Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Burn the Floor - Tour Review

Flashback ten years and I was one of those kids, you know the Latin and ballroom competitive kids that you see covered in fake tan and sequins? I’ve not waltzed since I was at least ten years old. Now in 2011 the international tour of Burn of the Floor visits Birmingham this week and I find myself in awe of this production.

The show is basically a programme of “reinvented” Latin and ballroom dances and at first I thought it would be another “I can’t wait for the interval” show, but it was anything but! The energy and passion the company oozes is captivating and you find it hard to know where to look with such amazing performers on stage. The short snippets of dance means there’s always something new and fresh happening: no time for boredom! The dances range from slow elegant waltzes to foot tapping jives. The dancing is only enhanced by the clever lighting plot and luscious amounts of dry ice.

The company, made up of dancers from all over the world, has such a great chemistry together and perform as an ensemble with each person being given a chance to show off. The simple set means that the production focus’s fully on the actual dancing and is driven by the talent of the company. These people are the best in the world, having been competing and working in the dance industry since they were kids. And let me tell you, their bodies show their years of dancing... Wearing tight fitting costumes covering half their bodies, this show is HOT. Two vocalists and live percussion support the dancers and help the show to flow smoothly, linking everything together.

I think the success of this show is down to Jason Gilkison, the choreographer for this international hit. His reinvention of traditional dances is perfect for today’s modern audience. The routines are set to songs we all recognise including, “Everybody Hurts”, “Proud Mary” and “It Don’t Mean A Thing”. My personal highlight in the show was the number “After All”, a stunning routine comprising of the waltz, tango, Paso Doble and the rumba.

A special mention should go to Emma Slater: a Birmingham girl currently in the cast who already has a biography comprising of Broadway, West End and movie credits.

I came out with the biggest smile wanting to put my sequins back on and take to the floor. Go and see!

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